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On The Road follows hosts Rock Bordelon and Aaron Lewis, as they squeeze hunting and fishing into their busy lifestyles.  Aaron, on tour for most of the year, has very limited time to pursue his outdoor passions.  So when he's in the woods or on the water, you can bet he's making the most of his time.  Rock, who owns more than 50 businesses, is constantly working - even when sitting in a tree stand or duck blind - so his time in the outdoors is special, and he loves sharing it with others.

Aaron Lewis
Don't let his alternative-rock music background, and multiple tattoos fool you.  Aaron Lewis grew up in the backwoods of Vermont with a love of the outdoors - a true "Country Boy".  As the lead singer for the alt-rock group "Staind", and now with a successful try at country music, Aaron is on the road most of the year performing in sold out venues.  As much as he loves performing on stage, his greatest thrill is being up in a tree stand, with a mature whitetail walking under him.  Next to his family, the only thing bigger than his love for hunting and fishing is his love for this great country.  Aaron is a true patriot, and a strong advocate of the Second Amendment, holding a NRA Life Member membership since he was 14 years old.

Rock Bordelon
Born and raised on the bayous of Louisiana, Rock grew up hunting and fishing not just for sport, but to put food on his family's table. Deer, ducks, rabbits, squirrels, frogs - Rock has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the woods and on the water.  Rock put himself through college by joining the U.S. National Guard, and supplementing his income by running crawfish traps in the swamps of Avoyelles Parish.  Now a successful entrepreneur, Rock must juggle his 50 plus businesses with his passion for hunting and fishing.  It's hard work, but he will tell you that "Anything you want bad enough in life, isn't going to come easy."